In theory, the IoT allows all brands to market regionally and internationally. But in practice, very few SMEs brands have the bandwidth or expertise to succeed outside their local market. 8 Dimensions’ regional and international expertise has allowed it to bridge that gap to fuel rapid growth for aspiring regional and international brands across the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant and into Europe and North America. We act as a natural extension of your marketing department, supplementing it with additional skills and head count to achieve faster growth.

Our core team includes experts in digital brand strategy, creative direction, search & social advertising, SEO as well as social media and content marketing. They are all responsible for overseeing the implementation of the strategies and solutions they create. So their advice is always practical, measurable, and operationally viable. Our in-house staff is supplemented by a global network of hundreds of writers, art directors, web developers, and tactical specialists. This flexibility means we are able to adapt our team to your needs and not the other way around. Let’s explore what we can do for you today!
What We Do
  • Application Design

    Work with a team of user interface designers who have a knack for creating beautiful app
    designs that add a multi-layered dimensions of usability, interactivity and great ROI.

  • Virtual Reality

    Give your clients an experience they will never forget. Our custom-built VR and AR
    experiences will change the way you do business.

  • Web Design & Development

    Increase sales and attract more visitors by working with our team of designers and
    developers on your next website project.

  • Branding

    Establish a remarkable brand across all channels by working with an expert from
    the 8th dimension that will guide you through every step of the way, from the logo
    to the business cards.

  • Event & Exhibition

    Show up in style and make the crowds say “wow” when they visit your trade show
    booth or attend your next big event.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Start an impactful conversation online . We’ll create beautiful social applications,
    HTML E-mails, and advertorial campaigns designed just for you across all channels.

  • Motion Graphics

    Spark imagination and grab the attention of millions by letting custom motion
    graphics and video tell your story to the world.

  • Presentations

    Our ninjas specialize in taking boring old PowerPoint and transforming your slide
    decks into a world-winning presentation.

  • Corporate Gift Services

    Create a lasting impression with colleagues, clients and employees with 8
    Dimensions’ Corporate Gift Services